Welcome to the most beautiful possibility.

What a ride it is to create a festival. The team has landed, the musicians have confirmed, the venue is a go - and we are ecstatic about the beauty and balance, the relationships and the experiences that are housed within this idea; the NOW now isn't like most festivals. Nothing, or very little that is presented, has been pre-conceived. The program is less a promise than it is a possibility, and in that you all play a vital role.

This year, the NOW now has received zero funding from the Australia Council or CreateNSW, even though the program is remarkable and our track record is real; 18 years and counting.

So, as we have so many times before, we are relying on the power of the punters to support the generosity and commitment of the artists. At this time, gestures of belief and positivity are more vital than ever, here are four days full.

The Venue

107 projects, Redfern (visit it!)

The Price

$20 per night (or more if you can afford it)
$60 for a festival pass (as above) available on opening night.

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The Social Media

EVENT (share it!)

That is one hell of a program

It's sad that we can't attribute the possibilities of our festival to our native funding bodies, but not surprisingly, a number of international organisations have helped bring some spectacular guests to participate.

So, our thanks go out to:

and of course...

for sharing the love from abroad.


The NOW now 2019 is only possible because of the artists' generosity and passion.

And it's only going to continue with your support.

But, what can you do?

You can share the event on Facebook!

You can share this email with your friends and fellow music lovers (consider it a pyramid scheme inspired by Sun Ra's version)

You can come every night and have your optimism and bravery rewarded with new relationships, both sonic and physic.

You can print this poster out and put it up in your favourite record store.
Get the full size poster here

Thank you for you ongoing support. We'll be sending updates as we get closer to the festival, but for now, Happy New Year. We resolve to have a brilliant festival.

Take care and see you there,
Clayton Thomas
Freya Schack-Arnott
Jonathan Lockhart
Rhys Mottley
Sebastian Sequoia-Grayson
Alexandra Spence
Sonya Holowell